Introducing our Donation Recipient Organizations: Together Rising and the AAPF #Sayhername Campaign

In our last blog post we talked about who we are as a business and our core values of supporting women, uplifting the voices of the BIPOC folks and calling on our community to come together and pave the way for a more equitable future.

When you buy Jewelry from Harlow, you’re not only buying beautiful, unique pieces from an LGBTQ woman-owned business, you are also supporting other women and minorities through our giving back program, where a portion of our proceeds from each piece is donated to an organization that we believe in. 

One of the organizations that donations will go to is Together Rising , where collective heartbreak is transformed into effective action for different causes, communities, individuals through love flash mob donation campaigns. Together Rising collects donations and connects them to time-limited fundraisers for different causes and initiatives-- allowing for small gifts from many people to change the world. This “love bomb” technique has revolutionized crowd sourced online giving and is a great way to be able to contribute and have an impact on different causes and organizations that share the same values that we do.

We’ve also decided to donate 100% of the purchase price from the Sandra earrings which will go to the AAPF #sayhername campaign

Sandra Earrings, named after Sandra Bland

The #sayhername campaign brings awareness to the names and stories of Black women and girls who have been the victims of racist police violence. The #sayhername campaign also provides support and advocacy to their families, and gives opportunities for the families to network in justice and advocacy. I’ve named these the Sandra earrings in tribute to Sandra Bland, a 28 year old black woman who was pulled over, harassed, then died in police custody in 2015. You can read her heart wrenching story here.

The #sayhername campaign is important to us because so often, the narratives around police violence erase the stories of Black women and girls. Uplifting the stories of the Black women and girls that are disproportionately subjected to police violence is inherently vital to advancing the movement for Black lives. It is important to say their names and share their stories in order to uphold the message that all Black lives matter.

We believe in the power of collective community and creating small ripples of change in any way that we can. We are honored and grateful for your twofold support; both of Harlow Jewelry and of the organizations and communities that we value. Thank you!