Meet Harlow Jewelry: Who We Are and What We Stand For

 Hello and welcome to our first ever blog post! I thought I’d start with a statement about who we are as a company and what kind of business we strive to be. We’ve always been passionate about supporting women, minorities, and people of color. The current events have brought much needed awareness and attention to the inequity and dehumanization of black lives.

Harlow Jewelry is an LGBTQ, woman-owned, independent business dedicated to an anti-racist, equitable future for everyone.  We stand in solidarity with the movement for Black Lives.

As a jewelry business we believe we are all in this together and it’s our responsibility to take care of one another. This means running a business with intention and through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. We pledge to continue to weave it into the very fabric of how we operate, who we work with, and how we give back to our community. We have a strong history of giving back and will continue to keep this as a core value along with kindness and integrity.

The jewelry that we sell is primarily going to other retailers, and we have always prioritized other women-owned small businesses. It is important to recognize our privilege within our community and we want to continue to work with retailers and businesses who are aligned with our values, and prioritize not only women-owned businesses, but women of color and Black-owned businesses. 

At Harlow Jewelry, we believe in the power of community. Together, we can make a difference. We’re so glad you’re here.