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Giving Back

Did you know?

You are not just buying jewelry. A portion of proceeds from every piece sold is donated to support and empower women and minorities.

In 2016 we gave:

Dress For Success - an amazing organization that empowers women to get out of poverty and become self sufficiant through building confidence, job skills, and retaining employment.
$3240 in dollars

$3600 in jewelry donation

Basic Rights Oregon - advocates to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
$8000 in jewelry donation for auction

Women’s Leadership Program (nationwide program based at Portland State Univerisity) to assist and inspire women to be in political and leadership positions.
$1200 in dollars to sponsor one woman for a year

Support Victims Of Pulse Shooting - Gofundme page $1823 in dollars

Various Fundraisers to help individuals and families with medical bill assistance.
$250 in dollars

Our sights are set even higher for 2017 as we enter into a new (and too old) era where women and minorites need our help and our voices with them. I believe we are here to support each other & I’m honored to have you as a partner to do that. So, thank you.

Much Love,


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