Giving Back

Did you know? 
You are not just buying jewelry. A portion of proceeds from every piece sold is donated to support and empower women and minorities. 
In 2018 we gave: 
Jewelry donations, often for sales and auctions 
Dress For Success, Threds For Grads, Dove Lewis,
Village Home, Clackamas County Women’s Services, Grub, Forward Together, No Cuts To Care, OR United Against Racial Profiling, Oregon Food Bank, Pixie Project 
$1200 in dollars to RAICES 
$1767 in dollars to No Cuts To Care 
$508 in dollars to Rahab Sisters 
$6104 Oregon Food Bank (through our sister company, Ruthie & Olive) 
$2398 MISC including: Forward Together, Together Rising Human Rights Campaign, Act Blue, Planned Parenthood, Women’s Foundatin of OR, Queer Youth Summit, White Ally Toolkit Workshop 
Together we gave a total of $22,202! 
I believe we are here to support each other & I’m honored to have you as a partner to do that. Thank you! 
Much Love, Ruthie