Picking the perfect jewelry piece for your heart: Gemstones meaning and symbolism

Since the beginning of time, different cultures have attributed gemstones to having symbolic meaning, power or even healing properties. With crystals and gems often made from natural materials from deep inside of the earth, it’s hard to deny their underlying magical and mystical qualities. Gemstones' physical beauty have always been a motivator for choosing different jewelry pieces, but what do you know about their metaphysical properties?

When picking out jewelry for yourself (or someone else), considering the gemstone and its meaning can be incredibly powerful in harnessing specific energy that you want the piece to embody. Being intentional about the healing powers or symbolism of the stone means the wearer feels protected and tapped into that specific emotion and feeling which can serve as a place of grounding or strength every time the jewelry is worn.

Below we’re sharing some of our favorite gemstones in our shop and the beautiful meanings behind them. Which one could you use right now?


Moonstone: A stone for “new beginnings”

Moonstone is a stone of inner strength, growth and power. It soothes heightened emotions and stress, and is said to be an emotional stabilizer, creating calm and peaceful energy. Moonstones are energetically linked to the moon and the divine feminine. Wear moonstone to tap into your inner goddess and to bring soothing and balanced energy into your life.

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Labradorite: A stone for transformation

Labradorite is a stone that balances the aura, and provides strength and tenacity during times of change or unrest. Labradorite is said to be a source of metaphysical and psychic intuition. 

Wear labradorite if you are working on your spiritual growth, want to protect against negativity, or are needing extra strength and protection around your heart and aura.

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Turquoise: A stone of healing

Turquoise was one of the first gemstones ever mined, and have been sacred stones to Native American people because of its connection to heaven and earth. This stone is thought to be the master healing stone, and possess qualities of health, protection and highest vibrations of love. Wearing turquoise close to your heart can bring vibrant, positive energy and can also be a stone to wear if you are wanting to heal both your body and mind.

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Quartz: A stone of energetic healing

Quartz is a stone that absorbs and transforms energy. Quartz is used to ward off negative energy or cleanse and regulate opposing energetic fields. This stone is used for clarity and light and is one of the fundamental crystals of healing. Wear quartz for extra protection and energy regulation and to help with any dream or goal manifestations.

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Pyrite: the stone of luck

Pyrite is a very protective stone, and is said to bring abundance, creative energy and prosperity. Many people have believed pyrite helps with dream manifestation and preserving energy towards positive, life affirming goals. Pyrite also is able to release mental, spiritual and emotional blockages. Wear pyrite for extra protection and positivity when pursuing a dream or goal.

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Wearing healing and energetic gemstones is a really beautiful way to tap into your own internal power and harness grounding and specific forces that you want to bring into your life. Which gemstones are calling your spirit?